fcvc staff dr early conner and mattFull Circle Vet Care services provide a broad range of medical care for dogs and cats

Dr. Early  and all the staff want to provide you with the very best in excellent preventive health maintenance for your pets! With Full Circle Vet Care services we are committed to the human/animal bond through community education on animal care and health.

Our focus with Full Circle Vet services is on the prevention of disease as well as the art of healing. We want to support you in all stages of owning a pet – from helping you choose a lifelong companion to saying good-bye to a life-long friend.

We provide a full range of Full Circle Vet Care services, including the following for your dogs and cats:Full Circle Vet Care Logo

    • In-office visits by appointment
    • Housecalls for Johnstown-Milliken area
    • Pickup & Delivery for Johnstown-Milliken area
      Full Service Medical Heath Maintenance
      • Bloodwork/labwork
      • Hospitalization
      • Radiographs
      • Surgical Facilities
      • Diagnosis & Treatment

      Plus these Full Circle Vet Care Services

      We encourage you to call us about these pet health maintenance solutions

    • Individualized for Preventative Health
      • Comprehensive physical examination
      • Vaccination/de-worming program
      • Spay/Neuter
      • Behavior Counseling
      • Dental Care
      • Preventative Health Maintenance
      • Nutrition

    • Discounts Offered
      • Senior Citizens

We are happy to discuss with you any of the Full Circle Vet Care services for your feline or canine needs. Maybe the dog is acting lethargic or the cat won’t eat. These are symptoms of many kinds of problems that can be assessed with a physical exam and testing. Please give us a call at 970-587-5140 so that we can discuss your pets’ particular needs. And so we can get your Rex or Fluffy back on the track to lively healthfulness!