Veterinary Services

Exotic Pet Care

At Full Circle Veterinary Care, we recognize that your exotic pet is more than simply a pet; they are a valued member of your family. You can rely on us to deliver your unique companion’s most significant veterinarian care due to our expertise, innovative services, and steadfast commitment to compassionate care.


Exotic Pet Care

We recognize that pets come in many forms, sizes, and species at Full Circle Veterinary Care. We take pride in providing comprehensive veterinarian treatments specifically suited to the unique needs of exotic pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs. Our sympathetic team of specialists is ready to provide excellent care and assistance for your cherished pets.

We are enthusiastic about exotic pet health and have established our practice on the well-being of animals other than dogs and cats. We can provide specialized care that assures your pet’s best health and enjoyment because we have a thorough grasp of the distinctive needs and behaviors of rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs.

Advanced Services for Exotic Pets

Full Circle Veterinary Care is pleased to provide various advanced services for exotic pets. Our experienced veterinarians can diagnose and treat rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, and hedgehog issues. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and specialized care for your beloved companions, from routine check-ups and vaccines to dental care and nutritional counseling.

Limited Exotic Surgeries

In addition to regular veterinarian treatments, we provide a limited number of unusual operations. We recognize that the idea of your beloved pet undergoing surgery can be frightening. However, our skilled veterinarians and surgical staff are committed to assuring your exotic companion’s safety and comfort. Whether a regular spay/neuter treatment or a more sophisticated surgery, we use cutting-edge technology and stringent guidelines to reduce risks.

The Benefits of Full Circle Veterinary Care

There are various advantages to selecting Full Circle Veterinary Care for your exotic pet’s healthcare needs. For starters, because we specialize in exotic pets, we have extensive expertise and experience dealing with the unique issues that these animals may confront. We can provide targeted preventative care, early diagnosis of health conditions, and effective treatment strategies because of our knowledge.

Second, our caring approach ensures that your pet is at ease and secure throughout their visit. We attempt to establish a stress-free environment and employ gentle handling techniques to reduce anxiety.

Finally, bringing your exotic pet to Full Circle Veterinary Care makes you a member of our extended family. We cherish the human-animal link and are dedicated to providing pet parents with excellent veterinary treatment, assistance, and guidance. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your pet’s health.