“Kindness is the ability to share a space, projects and common dreams.”

World Kindness Day 2018

World Kindness Day 2018

World Kindness DayPositively Encouraging!

The world can sometimes feel like a lonely place, with the grind of work and home. Take a moment on Nov. 13 – World Kindness Day to look up from your phone or computer to do something positive for someone else. Smile at that stranger on the bus, compliment your coworker, pay for the next person’s coffee…the day is yours to make delightful!

World Kindness Day 2018

World Kindness Day 2018

World Kindness Day Activities

1. Commit at least three random acts of kindness today
Give compliments. Smile at strangers. Hold a door open. Give up your seat on a crowded train. Do at least three random acts and see what magic follows!

2. Adopt a Senior Pet During November Adopt a Senior Pet Month
Animals always return the love they are given – many, many times over! Senior pets are house-broken, know many tricks, and have a strong sense of loyalty to their owners. What better kindness can you give a pet than to give it a forever home? A Senior pet will surprise you with their loving affection.

3. Give extra and (extra-long) hugs today
Kindness and connection go hand-in-hand. Take a few extra minutes to hug your loved ones and friends today. They’ll wonder what got into you, but after the first 10 seconds of they hug, we promise they’re going to melt.

4. Write a love poem to yourself and read it out loud
We’re serious about you being kind to yourself, today, too. Write a short (or long) poem highlighting the things you appreciate about yourself and your life. Read it out loud to yourself, in front of a mirror. You may just fall in love!

5. Share kindness on your social media
#WorldKindnessDay is real. Share quotes and inspiring pictures on your feed on Nov. 13 and let the internet help spread some love.

World Kindness Day 2018

World Kindness Day 2018

Why We Love World Kindness Day

A. It reminds us that doing for others is actually fun
Most of us are so focused on our goals and where we need to go, we rarely take a moment to do something for others. Just. Because. Doing something nice for others, without an agenda, simply feels good.

B. It offers an excuse to get creative
Everyone likes a good practical joke—but what about a cool ‘random act of kindness’? Flash mob at the busy intersection, anybody? Closing the office 30 minutes early? Office dance break at lunchtime? The possibilities are endless.

C. You can take a minute to be kind to yourself today
A lot of kindness is seen in how we treat others. But what if we asked how kind we were being to ourselves? Take a break today to appreciate who and what you are in the world.

OK. We added #2 in the article above. But FCVC does our best every day to be positive and encouraging to the animals in our care and to the pet parents of our pet friends. We hope that you will find time to Adopt a Senior Pet and that World Kindness Day will be a day of beauty and kindness in your life.

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Attribution – from our friends at The World Kindness Movement and NationalToday.com
Photos – from The World Kindness Movement