Dad! We need to check out those dog food recalls!

It is easy to let many recall notices go by in passing. We may think, “I should check that out,” but activities get in the way and time goes by and we just let it go.

What you may not realize is how many of them there are in a year. However, if it doesn’t impact your brand, you may never know.

If you are curious and want to check and see if your pet food brand was on this list so far this year you can see the list in this table.

From our friends at Petful.com, you can click on the product links in the table below to read about the particular recall:




DateBrand NameProduct
Aug. 3, 2018G & C Raw, LLCGround Lamb Dog Food
June 12, 2018Dave’s Pet Food95% Premium Beef
May 23, 2018Merrick, Castor & PolluxBackcountry, Good Buddy beef treats
April 20, 2018OC Raw DogChicken, Fish & Produce + Freeze Dried Sardines
April 16, 2018Vital EssentialsBeef Toppers, Beef Entrée
April 13, 2018TruDogBoost Me
April 13, 2018K9 NaturalChicken Feast
March 26, 2018Darwin’sZooLogics, Natural Selections
March 26, 2018Blue Ridge BeefBRB Complete
March 22, 2018Milo’s KitchenSteak Grillers and Grilled Burger Bites
March 6, 2018Raw Basics, LLCTucker’s Pork-Bison Formula
March 2, 2018Steve’s Real FoodTurkey Canine Recipe
Feb. 24, 2018Vital EssentialsFreeze-Dried Beef Nibblets
Feb. 24, 2018Northwest NaturalsChicken & Salmon Recipe
Feb. 24, 2018TruDogTreat Me Crunchy Beef Delights
Feb. 14, 2018Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits, Ol’ Roy, SkippyVarious canned dog foods
Feb. 11, 2018Darwin’sZooLogics
Feb. 9, 2018Redbarn NaturalsVarious dog treats
Feb. 8, 2018Smokehouse Pet ProductsBeef Munchies dog treats
Feb. 8, 2018Raws for PawsGround Turkey Pet Food
Jan. 15, 2018JustFoodForDogsMeals with green beans

You can also see the recalls for previous years on the Petful.com site.

The Vets at FCVC want your pets to be healthy and safe. If you have any questions about the type of food your pets should be eating, we would be happy to make recommendations. You can find many top brands available in our online store – delivered to your door!

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From our friends at Petful.com
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