national mutt dayHow You Can Help with National Mutt Day

Full Circle Vet Care is an advocate of taking care of animals in the best way possible. We support this day as an effort to bring awareness to the plight of so many homeless cats and dogs and other pets. This day is celebrated twice in the year – July 31st and December 2nd.

If you can support another pet at your house be sure to check out the adoption agencies and shelters caring for a multitude of pets. There are over 17,000 shelters in the USA. You can use the Adopt-A-Pet search widget on our home page to view many of these available pets.

National Mutt Day, also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, was created in 2005 by Celebrity Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige and is celebrated on both July 31st and December 2nd. It’s all about embracing, saving and celebrating mixed breed dogs. The biggest percentage of dogs abandoned and euthanized is due to the constant over-breeding and public desire of designer dogs and pure bred puppies that are sold to pet stores supplied by puppy mills that often produce ill and horribly neglected animals.

This special day was created to be celebrated on two dates per year, to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation, as approximately 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. Most pure breeds that end up in the shelter are generally rescued quickly by either the public wanting a “less expensive” pure bred dog or by a pure breed rescue. The day’s mission is to educate the public about the sea of mixed breed dogs that desperately await new homes and to celebrate the amazing characteristics that the mix of breeds creates in each individual dog.

Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier, better behaved, they live longer and are just as able to perform the duties of pure bred dogs – such as bomb and drug sniffing, search and rescue and guiding the blind. There are millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs sitting in shelters, who are desperately searching for a new home. One of the country’s most famous movie dogs is Benji, is a mixed breed Terrier.

So please visit your local shelter on National Mutt Day and find a new friend! If you can’t adopt a mixed breed friend on July 31st or December 2nd, please donate at least $5 to your local animal shelter, as they all need financial assistance and every dollar counts! You can also volunteer to walk a dog, donate food and other supplies needed to your local animal shelter or make a donation in the memory of a loved dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Not just on National Mutt Day, but every day – FCVC recommends checking out the Adopt a Pet widget on our home page if you want to find a new best friend. It is easy to use! Remember it’s great to be a pet mom or dad, but there are some things you need to know – check out our articles Adopt A Cat or Dog and Adopting – How It Works. We will be looking forward to seeing your new family member!

Attribution: Our friends at National Mutt
photo: james-cousins-581244-unsplash