happy dogust 1st universal birthday for shelter dogsHappy DOGust 1st!

Today is the first of August, but it’s also what many animal lovers around the world celebrate as the birthday for shelter animals. This is an event North Shore Animal League America says is “the universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs since most often their actual dates of birth are unknown.”  We celebrate the 14th anniversary of this tradition started in 2008.

But before you check out the puppies up for adoption at one of the 17,000 shelters connected at Adopt-a-Pet.com on this adorable holiday, check out our articles with helpful tips and things to consider when thinking about adding a pet into your family. You might like to read Adopting & How it Works and Adopt A Cat (or Dog).

DOGust 1st is about more than just celebrating a potential furry best bud. It’s about adoption awareness, making sure you know which type of dog is right for you or your family and whether you should adopt now or maybe wait until you’re sure you’re ready.

FCVC knows that adopting a pet is a big step and we are ready to help answer questions about what that pet might be in your future. Give us a call at 970-587-5140 with your most pressing questions about pet adoption.