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PattiKevinDr. Mahoney and sidekick Kevin
My name is Patricia Mahoney and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and some of my staff at Full Circle Veterinary Care.  I am a graduate of Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.  My training and interest is in the area of small animal medicine, focusing on dogs and cats.  I opened Full Circle Veterinary Care in September 1997.  In that time, our small clinic has grown into quite a close knit family.

We have several technicians and other staff members who work with your pets. They treat each pet as if it were their own. In addition we have an ongoing volunteer program that allows us to give high school and college students interested in the field of veterinary medicine an opportunity to see what veterinary medicine has to offer. Several of the students who have gone through our program have gone on to become veterinarians or technicians.

Meet our staff in the videos below.
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Testimonial 7

If Dr. Patty didn’t love animals, we wouldn’t have our Mr. Tibbs. When Mr. Tibbs was a kitten, he fell out of a tree and broke his leg. His owners thought he should be destroyed. Dr. Patty took Mr. Tibbs in, fixed his broken leg and hip dysplaysia and kept him as the mascot at the clinic, until a new home could be found for him. Mr. Tibbs went on several vacations, but did not find a permanent home until I walked in the door and saw him. He is an amazingly regal cat. Mr. B. and I took him home and now he gets to go see Dr. Patty and staff for regular checkups. Mr. Tibbs is king of our house and our hearts. Thanks, Dr. Patty! –Carolyn B

Testimonial 6

I have been taking my dogs to them for over 10 years (we have 5 of our own and foster for a min pin rescue group). 2 years ago my husband and I moved back to Loveland and we still go to them! It is an awesome clinic with friendly staff.  –Melissa D.

Testimonial 5

Awesome staff, super friendly and helpful! – A& B

Testimonial 4

Dr. Patty is the best vet ever. She is very knowledgeable, and answers all my questions kindly and with care for me and my pet. She makes me feel welcome every time I visit. I’m really lucky to had found her. – Rosa G.

Testimonial 3

Dr. Patty was sent to me from heaven. My babe Reina couldn’t have had a better doctor then her. I love Dr Patty she helped me so much. She will be the only person i will trust my dog’s medical care. She explains to you in so much detail every procedure that there is no question left for you to ask. – Veronica D.

Testimonial 2

This is the best Veterinary Clinic Ever!!!! I have been to some other ones and I just don’t trust them like I do with Full Circle. With other vet clinics a lot of the times I would have different Vet Doctors each time and I would have to explain the situation over and over again each and every time. They did not write good notes, or they just don’t communicate with each other correctly. With full circle they have a more home based staff, that do communicate with each other on a professional level. So when you come in for your appointment they are ready to take care of you and your pet, with no problems what so ever. All of their Staff is extremely friendly and they always have smiles on their faces. When I leave from there I feel confident that my pet is in the best hands, with no doubts to boot. And I leave happy with a smile on my face as well. – Zachary V.

Testimonial 1

  • They actually cared about me and my pet. The staff gives awesome service and you can tell they genuinely care about you and your pet. Everyone was really friendly and the atmosphere is very comfortable. It’s much different than the hospital feel we are use to when going to another vet clinic before. Thanks everyone for all that you do!