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Today is…

Work Like a Dog Day

The English language is often confusing. Take, for instance, two common idioms we use in our everyday lives: “It’s a dog’s life” and “Work like a dog.”

“It’s a dog’s life” refers to dogs being able to laze around and sleep all day, having no worries or issues more pressing than dinner time. “Work like a dog,” on the other hand, suggests just the opposite. It means working to your maximum ability for an extended length of time. How can these two phrases both be appropriate when they mean contradictory things?

Work like a Dog day is celebrated on August 5th of every year. As dogs seem to spend most of their life napping, it can be hard to see how activity on this Day could be something other than the leisurely. This Day means working to your maximum ability for an extended length of time.

History of Work Like a Dog Day

Although the origins of “Work like a dog” are not known, it most likely refers to actual working dogs. Sheepdogs and sled dogs are good examples. They are bred to work hard – working even gives them pleasure. In reality, Work Like A Dog Day is a chance to display the mental grit and determination typically demonstrated by canines when seeking sustenance as you go about your daily workplace chores.

As August 5th, 2018 is a Sunday, and many people may be off work, we will suggest it is a day to be a little lazy. And get ready for the work week ahead.


Sometimes, you just hafta to be lazy

We hope you have an enjoyable day – whether you choose to work or relax or do both! If you can’t make up your mind, we recommend the relaxation route. 🙂

Attribution: from our friends at NationalDayCalendar
Photos: pooyan-eshtiaghi-697061-unsplash and yuki-dog-410965-unsplash