work like a dog day

Sometimes you may work hard keeping that flock together

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Work Like a Dog Day

The English language is often confusing. Take, for instance, two common idioms we use in our everyday lives. One is – “It’s a dog’s life.” This refers to dogs being able to laze around and sleep all day, having no worries or issues more pressing than breakfast, lunch, dinner or play time.

Breeds like Saint Bernards, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Dobermans, German Shepherds and Border Collies give us the impetus behind the second idiom, “Work like a dog.” If you have ever watched an Australian Shepherd dog herding sheep, you know how much energy they expend. It means working to your maximum ability for an extended length of time.

When considering the training working dogs received and the value they provided to farms and businesses, the phrase becomes clear. With their obedience and loyalty rooting out rodents or securing cattle, they performed tasks with purpose. Today, military and rescue dogs receive rigorous training and work hard alongside their human counterparts, too.

This day is celebrated on August 5th of every year. As dogs seem to spend most of their life napping, it might be hard to see how activity on this day could be something other than the leisurely.

History of Work Like a Dog Day

Although the origins of the phrase are not known, it most likely refers to actual working dogs. Sheepdogs and sled dogs are good examples.  They are bred to work hard – working even gives them pleasure. As are Service, Assistance and Police dogs. Service dogs can be of any breed, but they have to be able to undergo rigorous training to perform particular tasks with obedience and consistency.  In reality, Work Like A Dog Day is a chance to display the mental grit and determination typically demonstrated by canines as you go about your daily workplace chores.

August 5th, 2021 is a Thursday, and many people will be working. We will suggest maybe being a little lazy after work. We hope that you don’t have to be too much like our four-legged friends all day long at your job.


Sometimes, you just hafta to be lazy

We hope you have an enjoyable day – whether you choose to work or relax or do both! If you can’t make up your mind, we recommend the relaxation route. 🙂

Attribution: from our friends at NationalDayCalendar
Photos: pooyan-eshtiaghi-697061-unsplash and yuki-dog-410965-unsplash