When is Cat Day? Today!

When is Cat Day? Today!

When is this Cat Day thing?
Today is National Cat Day

You might be confused about “when is this cat day” ? As there are multiple days celebrating cats (and dogs) on the yearly calendar. There is global, international, world, national, national feral, happy, and black cat appreciation day. Whew! Our feline friends have managed to get onto the calendar for a bunch of days! (It might be a little competition with all the days that their dog friends have on the calendar.)  🙂 So as a short review, we bring you this cute video (from wwwlovesme):

When is National Cat Day?

All the Feline Days:

  • Happy ? Month – September
  • ? Lovers Month – December
  • Hug Your ? – June 4th
  • World or International ? – August 8th
  • Black ? Appreciation Day – August 17th
  • National Feral ? – October 16th
  • National ? Day- October 29th
  • National Black ? – November 17th
  • National ? Herders Day – December 15th

Did you think we just threw that last one in there blindly? No, it is for real! Though not so much about the fuzzy critters we love.

December 15 is National Cat Herder’s Day. Although the only job remotely close to cat herding is working at your local animal shelter, this particular holiday is not dedicated to felines. This celebration is meant for those who can manage others and themselves no matter what chaos is thrown their way. The idiom, “like herding cats,” was popularized during a Super Bowl commercial in 2000 by “Hewlett Packard.” They compared their ability to serve others like cowboys herding cats – with ease. Since then, the phrase is mostly used to describe those who can lead and handle life even when it is uncontrollable. The term is also considered a skill workers use when leading a group towards one goal

FCVC vets love those furry rascals and we are always happy to see our feline pet friends. We hope you enjoyed this video about those furry kitty days.

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Attribution – AVMA and NationalToday
Photo – michael-sum-565770-unsplash