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October 2018

Vol. 8, Issue 10           

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Dear Pet Owner,


Hello.  I’m Rachel Mahoney, Office Manager here at Full Circle. Thank you for caring for your pet and reading our newsletter. We hope you will find valuable information that you can use for your pet and its needs.

Mission Statement


At Full Circle Veterinary Care we are committed to the human/animal bond through client and community education on animal care and health. Our focus is on the prevention of disease as well as the art of healing. We want to support you in all stages of owning a pet from helping you choose a lifelong companion to saying good-bye to a lifelong friend. In this way, together, we will come… Full Circle.


Member Better Business Bureau, Johnstown-Milliken Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown Milliken News, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Weld County Veterinary Medical Association (WCVMA). 

In This Issue
Congratulations to Jennifer Adkisson
October is Adopt-A-Dog Month
October is also National Service Dog Month
October is also National Animal Safety and Protection Month
Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet
Fall Safety Tips for Dogs & Cats
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More Tidbits (Why does my cat like to sleep in weird places? Information We Should Have for Your Pet, No Interest Payment Plans, Do You Know About Pet Insurance?)

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Congratulations to Jennifer Adkisson
Congratulations to Jennifer Adkisson who was the winner of a $100 gift certificate to Full Circle.

Jennifer’s name was drawn September 30th from all people that registered during September in celebration of our 21st Anniversary of being in business.

Jennifer’s dog is “George,” a dachshund.

Thanks to all that came to the clinic to register!

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month

chocolate lab face

Full Circle Veterinary Care is offering a FREE physical exam for any  dog or cat adopted from The Humane Society or any animal rescue organization. A $55 value.

Your new pet must be examined by one of our veterinarians within two weeks of the adoption date.

Please call for an appointment at 970-587-5140.

October is also National Service Dog Month
When you see a person with a Service Animal …
don’t do anything to interrupt the service animal (dog or horse) while it is working.
Here are some things to be aware of:
1. Speak to the person and don’t distract the service animal.
2. Don’t touch the service animal unless given permission by its owner.
3. Don’t ask personal questions about the owner’s disability.
For more great information on service, companion, and therapy animals, check out this brochure from  Pet Partners.
October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month
pixabay-teddy-242838And, October is also National Animal Safety and Protection Month. 
Protecting the safety of your dog or cat is a pet owner’s main responsibility.  This October, observe National Animal Safety and Protection Month by using these pet safety tips:

Have a pet first aid kit.  For minor injuries and illnesses, a pet first aid kit is essential.  You can create your own from human first aid supplies or purchase one online or at a pet supply store.  Every pet first aid kit should have these supplies:

  • Veterinary and emergency clinic contact information
  • Tweezers
  • Disposable gloves
  • Penlight
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Cold / heat packs
  • Leash
  • Gauze
  • Bandage rolls
  • Wound disinfectant
  • Hydrogen peroxide
Pet-proof your home.  Keep plants and foods toxic to pets out of paws’ reach. Cleaning supplies and car fluids can also be dangerous.  Puppy-proofing and kitten-proofing your home is essential for pet safety.  Tie up curtain hangings and blind pulls to prevent accidental strangulation.  Walk through your home and look for any potential pet hazards.  Chewable electric cords, low-hanging plants, and cleaning chemicals are all dangerous to pets.
Consider pet insurance.  As pet owners, we know you can’t protect your pet from everything – that’s what pet insurance is for.  In honor of National Animal Safety and Protection Month, consider getting pet insurance.  With pet insurance, you’ll never have to worry about the costs of unexpected illnesses and injuries.  We can give you information on pet insurance. Give us a call or stop by for a brochure.
Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet
Make Sure Halloween is Safe for Your Pet
  • Keep your pet inside on Halloween evening and night.  Maybe even in another room during trick-or-treat time.
  • If you are putting your pet in costume, make sure it is safe — fits properly, no dangerous objects, parts that can’t be chewed off, etc.  Also, don’t leave your pet unsupervised in costume.
  • Make sure your pets don’t get into Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum);
  • Keep your pet away from lighted jack-o-lanterns, candles, or glow sticks.
Fall Safety Tips for Dogs & Cats

anusha-barwa-428445-unsplashHere are a few concerns for our pets as we enter the fall season.


Keep Halloween candy and Thanksgiving foods out of their reach.  Chocolate, of course, is a no-no.  Unfamiliar faces and loud laughter can stress your pet.  Give cats access to a quiet room.  Give your dog a chew toy or put them in a separate room.

Dogs get the flu, too.

Canine flu and bordetella (two sources of kennel cough) are airborne diseases.  If you see a dog coughing, keep your own dog away.  If your dog develops a cough or fever, contact your veterinarian immediately.


As the weather turns cooler, rats and mice may find their way to your warm house.  Keep them out by closing entry holes and use anti-rodent products that are nontoxic.  Rodenticides are extremely toxic to dogs and cats.

School supplies:

Keep pencils, markers, and glue sticks out of your pets’ reach.  These products can cause gastrointestinal upset or blockages if ingested.  Cats may choose to bite the edges of notebooks and paper.


As snakes prepare to hibernate, they may get irritated if disturbed by your curious pet.  Know which snakes are venomous and where they usually hibernate.  Walk your pet on a leash away from these areas.  If your pet does get bitten, contact your veterinarian immediately.


Fall weather can bring about a whole new set of allergies.  Ragweed and mold are two big aggravates, along with grass and dust.  Look for signs like scratching, biting, chewing, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and hives and rashes.


Many mushrooms are toxic to pets.  Symptoms of mushroom poisoning can range from mild vomiting and diarrhea to severe digestive problems to complete liver failure.

Car coolants:  Antifreeze is highly toxic to pets.  It’s a great time to change or add fluid to the radiator, but be careful that your pet doesn’t contact it.  Clean up any spills immediately and keep coolant out of reach from your pet.

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More Tidbits …..

Why does my cat like to sleep in weird places, like atop keyboards or inside cardboard boxes?
Simply put, it’s what their ancestors did. In the wild, cats like to take refuge in enclosed spaces and also like to claim locations because of their territorial nature.  And what cat can pass up a warm keyboard?  It’s made particularly special because a human is touching it all the time. 

Information we should have for your pet
Have you ever wondered what information you should have before you bring your pet into the veterinarian?  We have questions that can help your veterinarian provide the best care for your pet.  Please contact us to make sure your pet’s information is up to date.  
No Interest Payment Plans are available!
You might want to consider the convenience of a monthly payment plan.  There is a program called CareCredit that is similar to your credit card.  It is a convenient, low minimum monthly payment program to help you accept the best treatment recommendation for your pets.  No annual fees and No Interest Payment Plans are available.  Give us a call or stop by the clinic for more information.
Do you know about Pet Insurance? 
It’s becoming more popular to have insurance for your pet. Give us a call or stop by the clinic for more information.
Please let us know if we can help you and your pet with our products and services.

Rachel Mahoney
Office Manager
Full Circle Veterinary Care
Small Town Feel; State of the Art Care


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