April is National Adopt-a- Greyhound Month

Do you love those dogs known as the fastest couch potatoes? Greyhounds are gentle giants, quiet and loving by nature. But they need help. The COVID-19 virus has shut down racetracks running these dogs without warning and it is likely that those tracks will not open again. Find out why this is the perfect time to adopt a greyhound. From The Greyhound Project we read this post:

April 1, 2020 — Due to COVID-19, tracks have closed. There is an urgent need to support groups receiving those dogs all over the country.

Currently there are almost 5000 greyhounds at tracks throughout Florida.

Currently Naples-Fort Meyers continues to race with no fans in the park while the rest of the tracks in Florida and the whole country have discontinued live racing due to the virus.

Sanford-Orlando was slated to end racing the end of June, and Daytona is slated to end racing at the the end of this month. These tracks are considered to have no chance of continuing to race post virus shutdown.

Adoption groups are already working with kennels to start moving some “pets” this week. Just those two tracks have over 1000 greyhounds combined.

Most of the greyhounds from Naples-Fort Meyers will be shipped to Iowa starting in May to race at the Dubuque track.

The remaining tracks, Jacksonville’s Best Bet, Palm Beach Kennel Club, and Derby Lane at St Petersburg intend to continue post virus shutdown until the end of the year. The question remains: will they have the ability to maintain 1000 greyhounds at each of those tracks during a shutdown that may last months. Financially, those three tracks have also closed their lucrative poker rooms due to the virus and have lost all income.

To compound things, there are greyhound racers in Florida that were thought to be able to race at other tracks. With all the tracks shut down, they are now considered to be “pets” up for adoption. Dogs slated to go to Mexico to race are now not allowed into the country due to the virus shutdown.

Basically, there is a “perfect storm” of greyhounds needing homes at one of the worst times in US history.


What can you do? PLEASE support your local adoption group (check our agency listings to find a group near you). Getting the dogs from Florida to groups that can rehome them is an expensive process, and your local adoption group is the place to begin. Donate funds, foster, and/or adopt. Ask them what they need. It will take all of us pitching in together to get these dogs safely to their couches.
Check out these agencies in Colorado where you can adopt a greyhound, including one here in our hometown of Johnstown – or check out the directory for your state – Greyhound Adoption

Will you Adopt a Greyhound? Do you have a friendly grey, couch potato?  FCVC also cares for greyhounds! Call us at 970-587-5140 to make your appointment.

From – The Greyhound Project
Image – Greyhound