Small Small Business Saturday November 30 2019As a locally owned small business, FCVC supports Small Business Saturday November 30th. This unofficial shopping holiday now has 70% awareness among U.S. consumers, with 64% of survey respondents indicating that their primary motivation for shopping on the day after Black Friday was to support their local community.

And research shows that hundreds of millions of shoppers now turn out for Small Business Saturday .

What is Small Business Saturday ?

After Black Friday, we “celebrate” SBS: A shopping holiday in the U.S. meant to boost awareness and support for businesses both local and small.

The timing of Small Business Saturday November 24th helps it piggy-back off the Black Friday shopping fever, which is one reason it’s seen a long-term trend in growth:

American Express created Small Business Saturday (SBS) in 2010 with the goal of encouraging the support of both local and small eCommerce shops.

So far, it’s been a success.

According to Farm Bureau Finance Services, in 2012—in which American Express encouraged small businesses to take advantage of the holiday—$5.5 billion was spent in independent businesses across the country over the course of a single day.

Small Business Saturday November 24, is an oasis between Black Friday and Cyber Monday—a reminder that local communities could stand to benefit from the holiday spending frenzy, too.

Why worry about small business? Consider this:

  • Small businesses aren’t in the minority. Far from it. In total, small businesses account for 99.7% of all registered businesses in the U.S.
  • Local money stays local. Spending $100 at a local business reportedly results in $68 that stays in the community, compared to $43 for national and franchise businesses.
  • Small Business Saturday sales actually went down in 2017—both in foot traffic and overall dollars spent, according to CNBC.

So while big-time retail tends to win throughout the holiday season, statistics show that Small Business Saturday November 24th really matters for those smaller scale operations.

FCVC knows that you can take your business to large scale big business centers. What we know is that we give the best care we can to your pet friends. We don’t treat them as just another animal. We treat each cat and dog that come through the door as if they were one of ours. So we hope that you will support your hometown local veterinary clinic with your business. We thank you!

Hoping to see you at the clinic on Small Business Saturday November 30th, between 8am and 12pm. We will be giving out treats!

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