mr tibbs-carolyn-breningerGone, but not Forgotten – Sept 13th is National Pet Memorial Day

FCVC recognizes that all too often our pets lives seem so brief. They give us so much love and then, one day, they are gone. Remembering your pet friends after they depart is one way to honor them. We thought we would share these thoughts from on ways to appreciate and honor them:

Sometimes the most significant members of our family are often the smallest. For most people, pets are more than just animals. They are our best friends, our cherished family members, and our “kids.” We love them and value their importance just as much as that of our human family. Why, then, should it not be just as important for the ones we’ve lost to have a day of remembrance dedicated specifically to them?

This was the same thought that ran through the minds of International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories members when they decided to designate the second Sunday in September as National Pet Memorial Day. It is a day where pet lovers can remember their lost friends and show their appreciation for the love, memories, and joy their pets gave them throughout their lives. It is celebrated by hundreds of people all over the United States.

There are many ways to celebrate the memories of our lost loved ones and remember the times we spent together since Sept 13th is National Pet Memorial Day:


Whether just browsing through a collection of photographs, making a scrapbook in their honor, or framing our favorites, pictures are a great way to remember our lost pets. They physically capture the wonderful times we had with them and often refresh memories that may be become fuzzy or even lost altogether.

Plant a Tree in Their Honor

Try planting a tree on top of their grave. As you watch the tree grow, it will give you a little satisfaction in helping the environment and seeing your pet grow with it.

Revisit Their Favorite Things

Many owners keep their favorite bowls and toys in a special place and take them out every once in a while to revisit old memories. These items were very important to your pet and hold so many fond memories that they often provide some emotional relief.

Contribute To a Charitable Organization

A great way to remember your pet (as Sept 13th is National Pet Memorial Day) is to make a donation to or volunteer at an animal-based charity or rescue group. There are so many animals out there in need of good homes so they can become cherished family members to other families. Charities and rescue groups protect these homeless pets and ensure their safety.
Remember when planning a memorial for your pet, the thought is what really counts. Keeping your loved one’s memory alive is the most important thing and no matter what you choose, there is no wrong way to do so. This year, take a few minutes out of your day to sit down and think about the wonderful animals that enriched your life.

There are many local shelters and rescue facilities that need your help. Here is a list of 8 in Larimer and Weld Counties that you can find either cats or dogs (or both):
All Aboard Animal Rescue
Animal House Rescue & Grooming
Bounce Animal Rescue
Dalmation Rescue of Colorado
Duncan’s Place
Fort Collins Cat Rescue
Humane Society of Weld County
Larimer Humane Society

If you are interested in adopting you may like our articles on Adopting – How It Works and Adopt A Pet Search.

FCVC understands how hard it is to lose a pet. We stand ready to help you through this difficult time. As Sept 13th is National Pet Memorial Day, this is just one day we can all collectively remember our pet friends who have gone over the rainbow bridge. We also remember them throughout the rest of the year.

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