As always FCVC is interested in the continued health and well-being of our pet friends and pet parents. The first recall involves both dog and cat foods from the same company – Steve’s Real Food, and the second recall is for a dog food from Bravo Packing, Inc. If you use either of these products, please be informed about this recall. This information is from our friends at and the FDA:

Steve’s Real Food Turducken (Dogs & Cats) and Quest Emu, Beef (Cats)

This is the 2nd recall of the year for Steve’s Real Food, and it involves pet food for both dogs and cats.

Maker: Steve’s Real Food
Cause: Potential for salmonella or listeria
Announcement: FDA report dated Sept 7, 2018
What was recalled: The following 3 lots of raw frozen pet foods:

  • Steve’s Real Food Turducken Recipe (for dogs and cats), 5 lb. bags, Lot #J155, UPC #6-91730-15304-5, best by June 4, 2019
  • Quest Emu Diet (for cats), 2 lb. bags, Lot #B138, UPC #6-91730-17103-2, best by May 18, 2019
  • Quest Beef Diet (for cats), 2 lb. bags, Lot #A138, UPC #6-91730-17101-8, best by May 18, 2019

According to the FDA announcement, no pet or human illnesses have been reported as a result of these products, which were recalled after tests by the Washington Department of Agriculture came up positive for salmonella and listeria.

“Because of their commitment to overall safety and quality, Steve’s Real Food is conducting a voluntary recall of this product,” the recall announcement stated, adding, “Consumers should also follow the safe handling tips published on the Steve’s Real Food packaging, when disposing of the affected product.”


Bravo Packing, Inc. is recalling this raw frozen dog food after a sample tested positive for salmonella.

Maker: Bravo Packing, Inc.
Cause: Potential for salmonella
Announcement: FDA report dated Sept 13, 2018
What was recalled: All Performance Dog products, 2 lb. and 5 lb. plastic sleeves with date code 071418

According to the FDA report, Bravo Packing, Inc. of Carneys Point, New Jersey, is recalling this raw frozen dog food after a sample of Performance Dog, collected during an FDA inspection, tested positive for salmonella.

The manufacture date code (071418) is printed on the boxes that contain the plastic sleeves, but not on the individual plastic sleeves. “Therefore,” the report says, “if the cardboard box has been discarded, there are no unique identification numbers on the individual sleeves that allow customers to determine that they possess the recalled products.”

If you feed your pets either of these company’s products – please discontinue use of them immediately. Listeria and salmonella are both very serious and can make your pets very sick.

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Attribution:,  and the FDA(1) and FDA(2)