Pitbull Awareness Month

October is Pitbull Awareness Month and Pitbull Awareness Day is on Oct. 27th, Sunday, we are bringing awareness to the myths vs. the facts about these canines. We hope you will spend the three minutes to view this video created by the Salt Lake County Animal Services:
This picture that we have used for promoting our Ready to Adopt A Dog This Month? posts, is also a pitbull…

Pit Bull with Kisses

Pitbull with Kisses

…as is this adorable puppy


Cute White Pitbull Puppy

Did the video change any of your perceptions about how they have been negatively portrayed? Just like any other animal, this breed has to be taught – either to be friendly pets or unfriendly pets. It is unfortunate that they have been sent to the bottom of the dog pile by irresponsible breeders and owners, who have forced aggressive behavior from these otherwise lovable canines.

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