Abound Pet Food RecallsPart of the FCVC mission is to help you maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle for your pets. This includes the diet they eat. Unfortunately, from time to time, the source of your pet’s food can become contaminated, before it leaves the factory. The companies involved usually issue voluntary pet food recalls of their products – but these recalls do not always make the news headlines. With the help of our friends at Petful, we bring you these lists.

This is an example of the type of information contained in the pet food recalls alert on Petful. Note that this product was not pulled because of contamination but the increased levels of the supplement Vitamin D:

Recalled: Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food
This dry dog food has been recalled over concerns about elevated Vitamin D levels, which can lead to renal failure.
Maker: Sunshine Mills, Inc.Pet Food Recall
Cause: Elevated levels of Vitamin D
Announcement: Press release from Giant Food Stores and Martin’s Food Markets dated Nov. 20, 2018 (archived here)
What was recalled: 4 lb., 14 lb. and 28 lb. bags of Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe dry dog food with best by dates of Nov. 1, 2018 – Nov. 8, 2019.
The press release announcing this recall to the public was sent out not by Sunshine Mills, the maker of the dog food, but by a couple of grocery store chains.
Giant/Martin’s “has removed all affected product from its shelves and urges customers to return the product to their local store for a full refund,” the release states.

If you use any of these products, please check the link and see if your bag of dog food is on the list and why:

Pet Food Recalls – October & November 2018

Dog Food

Date Brand Name Product
Nov. 20, 2018 Abound Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe dry dog food
Nov. 20, 2018 Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food
Nov. 9, 2018 Natural Life Chicken Meal & Potato Formula dry dog food
Nov. 6, 2018 Orlando Chicken & Chickpea dry dog food
Nov. 2, 2018 Nutrisca Chicken and Chickpea Recipe dry dog food
Oct. 25, 2018 G & C Raw, LLC Multiple products
The pet food recalls list for cats is (thankfully) very short with only one company recall, though for multiple products, in October.

Cat Food

Oct. 25, 2018 G & C Raw, LLC Multiple products

FCVC vets and staff want your pets to be the healthiest they can be. If you have any questions about your pet friends diet, we would love to help you answer them and make sure your pet gets the nutrition they need and deserve. Give us a call at 970-587-5140.

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Attribution – Petful.com (dog food) and Petful.com (cat food).