juggleTrying to juggle too many things at once?
We have heard from our clients that you would like us to provide more hours to help you fit caring for your pets into your busy schedule.  Well, we’ve done it!  Beginning November 1, 2012, we will have hours of convenience to fit into any schedule you might have.
Do You Need?
Morning drop off before work?-Drop offs will be available as early as 7 am Tues. through Fri.
-Please call to schedule your drop off or call at 7 am
Lunch hour your only free time?We will offer:
-Mon. and Tues. 11 am – noon appointments
-Wed. through Fri. noon – 1 pm appointments
A late evening?-Wed. open until 8 pm
Can’t make it to pick up until

after work?                           

-Pick up times will be available until 6 pm Tues, Thurs., and

 Fri. or until 8 pm on Wed.
Can’t come in during the week?-Sat. open all day from 8 am – 4 pm
-New Sunday hours from 1 – 4 pm
Can’t schedule an appointment?
-Walk-in hours from 1-4 pm on Sunday