take your cat to the vet day

August 22 is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

In celebration of #Cat2Vet day, we would like to share this information about preventive care versus reactive care for your feline(s). Keeping up with your felines’ health may not be high on your priority list of things to do and kitties are generally reluctant to tell you that they need any looking after. As a matter of fact, most cats will not even indicate when they are in pain.

Why Take Your Cat to the Vet?

Did you know?
83% of cats visit the veterinarian before their 1st birthday, but over 50% don’t return until they become sick or are in pain.

Here are a few reasons not to postpone a cat’s check-up visit

Cats age MUCH more rapidly than humans

A cat reaches the human age of 15 by its first year and 24 by its second year. Each year after, your kitty ages 4 ‘cat years’ for every calendar year. It’s a good day to Take Your Cat to the Vet

Cats are masters at hiding sickness and pain

Kittycat could be developing a health condition long before you notice anything is wrong. Veterinarians are trained to spot and detect these problems.

Feline may be overweight and in danger of health conditions

Over 50% of cats are overweight or obese. The veterinarian will check the cat’s weight and provide recommendations to help keep the feline at the ideal weight.

During the visit, you can discuss any behavior changes with the veterinarian

When you take your cat to the vet, they may see changes in behavior, which can often signal an underlying issue which may not be apparent to an untrained eye.

Preventive care is better than reactive care

Regular exams can help avoid medical emergencies since veterinarians can often detect conditions or disease that may affect a cat’s health long before they become significant, painful, or more costly to treat.

Did you know?
58% of caregivers report that their cat hates going to the vet. Acclimating kitty to their carrier can reduce stress for your cat during their veterinary visit.

Here are some other tips to help reduce the stress of veterinary visits for your cat on take your cat to the vet day:

  • Wipe or spray synthetic pheromone in the carrier or towels.
  • Place toys and familiar bedding inside the carrier.
  • Increase familiarity by leaving the carrier out in a common space.
  • Immediately reward our precious kitty with treats for entering the carrier.

From our friends at the AAFP, we share this graphic”:

Cat2Vet Day Healthy Cat Tips

At FCVC we love to see our favorite feline pet friends. Please call and make an appointment so we can get kitty in for preventive care. 970-587-5140

Before you take your cat to the vet, you can download this brochure pdf for future reference: 5-Signs-You-Need-to-Take-Your-Cat-to-the-Vet

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