longhopes donkeysIn our previous blog post we told you a little about how the Longhopes Donkey Shelter came to be. In this post you can find out ways to be a part of the rescue shelter efforts.

There are many easy ways you can help Longhopes donkeys!

What can you do for a donkey?

Donate via ColoradoGives.org, PayPal or call 303 644 5930.

$25  vaccinates a donkey against disease

$35   trims the overgrown hooves of a donkey

$75   saves a donkey from slaughter

$150  gets a donkey dental care

$175  neuters a jack in preparation for a new home

$360  sponsors a donkey in E.A.R.S. for a year

$520 feeds a donkey hay for a  year

Employer Matching Funds

Many employers will match your charitable donations.  Ask your human resources department if your employer is one of them and double your donation dollars.

Shop Online

Just by shopping through certain web sites, donations are made to your favorite selected cause.

Amazon Smile Foundation


EBay Giving Works

You can designate a portion of an item your selling to benefit Longhopes, buy items with Longhopes as a beneficiary or just donate through eBay Giving Works.
eBay Giving Works

Participate in “E.A.R.S”

Education and Rehabilitation Sponsorship for one of our adoptable donkeys. Click here to learn more.

Donate to Our Donkey Wish List

Fulfill part of our wish list:

  • hay,
  • postage stamps,
  • gift cards for Purina equine feed,
  • print paper, business envelopes,
  • gas cards,
  • bottled water for our volunteers

Or help fulfill our Wish List on Amazon.

Provide a service.

Everything can help.

Get the word out about Longhopes.

Get the publication of an article on Longhopes


Volunteer – We need you! Click here to see all the fun things you can do to help!

Donkey Owners

Neuter your jacks to prevent reproduction.  Contact us about partial jack castration grant funds.

Together we can work miracles!

Check out all the information about how you can help on the Longhopes Donkey Shelter website.