get out of the dog house dayAre you “In the Dog House”?

Tuesday, July 20th, is Get Out of the Dog House Day .” If you’re in trouble with a loved one, today is supposed to be your day for a reprieve. This day is like a get out of jail free card from the game Monopoly. Use it to apologize, mend hurts and get back to normal.

Now that pups are part of the family and live indoors, there are not so many dog houses outdoors. Being relegated to the outdoors dog house used to be the sign of something gone wrong with family communications. In this new era, our canine friends are more likely sleeping on the family bed.

The History of Get Out of the Dog House Day

The day takes place annually on the third Monday in July. The phrase “In the doghouse” usually means in disgrace or out of favor. The original idea came from the symbolism in the 1911 Peter Pan novel written by J. M. Barrie in chapter16 when Mr. Darling goes out and sleeps in the dog kennel, remorseful of not paying enough attention to his family and allowing his children to be kidnapped. Although it is not written as the specific idea and is not fully recognized as an idiom, or the now well-known phrase, until it is written in print in Criminalese, 1926, by J. J. Fintery.

Have You Made a House for Your Dog?

We would like for you to show off your homemade creations that are providing shelter to your beloved pets. Let’s see the doghouse you’ve set up for your dog. Or that special catio or climbing tree for your cat! Some people go to great lengths to build shelters for their pets.
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We hope you have a great Get Out of the Dog House Day!