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March 2019

Vol. 9, Issue 3

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Hello.  I’m Rachel Mahoney, Office Manager here at Full Circle Vet Care. Thank you for caring for your pet and reading our newsletter. We hope you will find valuable information that you can use for your pet and its needs.   



Mission Statement

At Full Circle Veterinary Care

we are committed to the human/animal bond through client and community education on animal care and health. Our focus is on the prevention of disease as well as the art of healing. We want to support you in all stages of owning a pet from helping you choose a lifelong companion to saying good-bye to a lifelong friend. In this way, together, we will come… Full Circle.
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In This Issue
National Poison Prevention Week
Toxic Temptations
National Puppy Day
Does Your Cat Get The Care It Needs?
Don’t Forget – We Carry a Great Human Product
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More Tidbits (Your Pet’s Information, No Interest Payment Plans, Do You Know About Pet Insurance?)

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National Poison Prevention Week

Full Circle Vet Care raises awareness for National Poison Prevention Week is March 17-23, 2019.  According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), here are the top 10 toxic substances to your pets:

  1. Prescription Human Medications
  2. Insecticides
  3. Over-the-Counter Human Medications
  4. Household Products
  5. People Food
  6. Veterinary Products and Medications
  7. Chocolate
  8. Rodenticides
  9. Plants
  10. Lawn and Garden Products

For more information on these toxins, see the ASPCA website HERE.

For specific plants that are toxic to your dog or cat, the ASPCA website HERE has good information.

In addition, click HERE to see common household products that are toxic to pets.


full circle vet care


Full Circle Vet Care brings you this great resource for Keeping your pets safe – visit the PetLink Store today!

Register the microchips for your pets. https://www.petlink.net/


Toxic Temptations

It’s spring cleaning time, but household cleaning products can be toxic to pets.  Soaps, bleach, po lishes, and cleaners can irritate your pet’s skin and damage their gastrointestinal tract.  Cleaning supplies, like sponges or pipe cleaners, can be a problem if ingested by a curious pet.  Opt for pet-safe cleaning supplies, store unsafe chemicals out of paw’s reach, and keep your pet away from where you’re cleaning.

National Puppy Day

Friday, March 23 is National Puppy Day. Full Circle Vet Care celebrates the joy of puppies and adopt a puppy that needs a good home rather than buying one.  In 2006, Colleen Paige created National Puppy Day because of her love for puppies.  The official motto of National Puppy Day is “Adopt instead of shop!”

Here is a “puppy” question from one of our clients and Full Circle’s response:
Q:  I have a 9-week-old golden retriever puppy, and my breeder says she needs to sleep in a crate in the laundry room, away from my husband and me.  She cries all night long!  She stops momentarily if we yell, but then carries on.  Help!

A:  Teaching a puppy to sleep through the night can be very frustrating.  Understand that your puppy isn’t used to isolation, especially during the night.  There is no reason your puppy needs to be crated away from you, so move her crate to your bedroom.  If the crate is small enough, place it on a chair next to your bed so that she feels that she is near you.  When she is comfortable with this arrangement, move the crate to the floor, and as soon as house training is complete, your puppy can sleep on a dog bed in your room (or in the bed, if you prefer!)

Does Your Cat Get The Care It Needs?

What happens when people do not bring their cat to the veterinarian’s office on a regular basis?  When caregivers finally bring their cats into the veterinarian, they may be suffering from dental pain, obesity, kidney disease, and more.  All of these may be treatable and often preventable.   However, when left undiagnosed, these diseases can be silent killers.

Here are the statistics:

  • 28.5 to 67 percent of cats will get one or more painful tooth lesions, usually starting between 5 and 7 years
  • 59 percent of all cats are obese
  • 90 percent of cats will develop osteoarthritis by 10 years of age
A yearly physical examination at a veterinary clinic (or a house call) is the key to early detection and treatment.  Please give us a call to schedule your pet’s physical exam at 970-587-5140.

Don’t Forget – We Carry a Great Human Product at Full Circle
Have you tried Black Dog Coffee Traders coffee that we carry right here at Full Circle?   We have a variety of blends like Lab Blend, Scottish Terrier Blend, or Black Dog Blend. We even have some with our custom label on them – Full Circle Veterinary Blend.

Black Dog Coffee Traders is dedicated to selling superbly roasted coffee blends from the best coffee regions in the world and celebrating the canines we share our lives with. 5% of all profits will be donated to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation for cancer research. 

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More Tidbits …..


The catgut formerly used as strings in tennis rackets and musical instruments does not come from cats.  Catgut actually comes from sheep, hogs, and horses.

Cat Whiskers
A cat has four rows of whiskers.

Information We Should Have For Your Pet

Have you ever wondered what information you should have before you bring your pet into the veterinarian?  We have questions that can help your veterinarian provide the best care for your pet.  Please contact us to make sure your pet’s information is up to date.  


No Interest Payment Plans are Available!

You might want to consider the convenience of a monthly payment plan.  There is a program called CareCredit that is similar to your credit card.  It is a convenient, low minimum monthly payment program to help you accept the best treatment recommendation for your pets.  No annual fees and No Interest Payment Plans are available.  Give us a call or stop by the clinic for more information.

Do You Know About Pet Insurance? 

It’s becoming more popular to have insurance for your pet. Give us a call or stop by the clinic for more information.

Please let us know if we can help you and your pet with our products and services.

Rachel Mahoney
Office Manager
Full Circle Veterinary Care
Small Town Feel; State of the Art Care


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