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Dear Pet Owner,

Hi. I’m Rachel Mahoney, Office Manager here at Full Circle. Thank you for caring for your pet and reading our newsletter. We hope you will find valuable information that you can use for your pet and it’s needs.                                            





Mission Statement
At Full Circle Veterinary Care

 we are committed to the human/animal bond through client and community education on animal care and health. Our focus is on the prevention of disease as well as the art of healing. We want to support you in all stages of owning a pet from helping you choose a lifelong companion to saying good-bye to a lifelong friend. In this way, together, we will come… Full Circle.  

Member Better Business Bureau, Johnstown-Milliken Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown Milliken News, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Weld County Veterinary Medical Association (WCVMA).  
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Happy New Year
Thank You
Discount on Bloodwork
January is National Train Your Dog Month
February is National Pet Dental Health Month
Protect Your Pet During The Winter
Dangerous Foods for Pets
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More Tidbits (Information We Should Have For Your Pet, No Interest Payment Plans are Available!, Do You Know About Pet Insurance?)

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Happy New Year

All of us here at Full Circle Veterinary Care wish you and your precious pets a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thank You


Discount on Bloodwork


Full Circle Veterinary Care is offering a discount of $20.18 on junior or senior wellness panel (bloodwork) for dogs or cats for anyone coming into the clinic during the month of January.  Why $20.18?  To celebrate 2018Happy New Year.  


January is National Train Your Dog Month

We promote training the family dog with everyday manners. Full Circle Veterinary Care refers dog and puppy training to Amy Creaven, KPA-CTP.  Check Amy’s website at www.creavengoodbehavior.com or email her at trustyourdogtraining@gmail.com. 


February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Full Circle Veterinary Care will be doing dental cleanings during the entire month of February for 10% off.  Please sign up early as there are a limited number of surgery appointments available.  


Call today for your appointment — 970-587-5140
Full Circle Veterinary Care
7 Rutherford Ave.
Johnstown, CO  80534


Protect Your Pet During The Winter
The best prescription for winter’s woes is to keep your dog or cat inside with you and your family.  The happiest dogs are taken out frequently for walks and exercise but kept inside the rest of the time.  Take precautions if your pet spends a lot of time outside.

If for some reason your dog is outdoors much of the day, he or she must be protected by a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough to allow the dog to sit and lie down comfortably but small enough to hold in his/her body heat.  The floor should be raised a few inches off the ground and covered with cedar shavings or straw.  The doorway should be covered with waterproof burlap or heavy plastic.

Give your pets plenty of food and water.  Pets who spend a lot of time outdoors need more food in the winter because keeping warm depletes energy.  Routinely check your pet’s water dish to make certain the water is fresh and unfrozen.  Use plastic food and water bowls; when the temperature is low, your pet’s tongue can stick and freeze to metal.

Protect paws from salt.  The salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice can irritate the pads of your pet’s feet.  Wipe all paws with a damp towel before your pet licks them and irritates his/her mouth.    


Dangerous Foods for Pets

Many items on our tables and in our homes are toxic to our pets. If eaten, some can cause severe illness and even death. If your pet eats any of the items on the list below, you should call your regular veterinarian, your local emergency veterinarian, or an animal poison control hotline immediately for guidance!

  • Grapes and raisins (can cause acute renal failure)
  • Onions and Onion Powder
  • Chocolate (all forms, but especially dark and unsweetened)
  • Alcoholic Beverages (as little as an ounce of 20 to 40 proof alcohol can put your dog in a coma)
  • Yeast Dough
  • Tea and Coffee (all components – not just brewed)
  • Avocados (toxic to birds, mice, rabbits, horses, cattle, and dairy goats)
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Hops (used in home brewing kits)
  • Cigarettes/Cigars

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More Tidbits …..
Information We Should Have For Your Pet
Have you ever wondered what information you should have before you bring your pet into the veterinarian?  We have questions that can help your veterinarian provide the best care for your pet.  Please contact us to make sure your pet’s information is up to date.

No Interest Payment Plans are available!
You might want to consider the convenience of a monthly payment plan.  There is a program called CareCredit that is similar to your credit card.  It is a convenient, low minimum monthly payment program to help you accept the best treatment recommendation for your pets.  No annual fees and No Interest Payment Plans are available.  Give us a call or stop by the clinic for more information. 
Do you know about Pet Insurance? 
It’s becoming more popular to have insurance for your pet. Give us a call or stop by the clinic for more information.

Please let us know if we can help you and your pet with our products and services.




Rachel Mahoney

Office Manager

Full Circle Veterinary Care

Small Town Feel; State of the Art Care



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