Introducing Full Circle Veterinary Care’s
PetPage app (free) for Pawrents & Furriends

petpage pawprint icon

Why did we bring a new app called PetPage to you?

We know you don’t need one more app on your phone. LOL
But what you DO need is a better way to manage the data about your pets.

A Better Way to Manage Pet Information


petpage health records

Because it isn’t just about us – There are occasions when you deal with groomers and boarders and – (hopefully rarely) – after hours emergency specialists. And they need information. Like, “How old is Spike?” “Are his shots current?” “What medications is Tabby on?” “When was her last vet visit?”

Now you can have all that info at your fingertips with our PetPage app. We bring this to you with a collaboration through AllyDVM, providing industry leading client communications software and consulting services utilized by the top veterinary clinics and animal hospitals

How To Do It
FCVC PetPage App Web Portal

There are two steps, Sign Up and Download the App.

1) To Sign Up – click this link
Please use the email that you originally signed up with on the Full Circle Vet Care patient form. Not using the correct email is the most common cause for failing to connect. Don’t remember? Ask us!

2) To Download the PetPage App
For iPhone go to – the Apple Store – with this link:

petpage app on apple store

For Android go to – the Google Play store – with this link
petpage app on google play store

Install and open, then you will be looking at your pet records in no time!

FCVC PetPage App Menu HomeThis screenshot is from an Android phone. IOS will be similar.

If you click on Menu in the top left, then it will open up to show you all the individual screens you can open.

Note that you can click to call us
Get directions
Send us an email
Go to our website
Go to the Pharmacy page
Call the Emergency number






petpage app inside menu

PRO TIP: If you click on Pets in the PetPage app – Not only can you click on the pet name, but it will let you add a picture, then scroll through the list of Appointments, Reminders and Prescriptions – all on one screen!

We encourage you to look through the information we have and if it needs updating, please use the Requests feature. Using the Information Update under Requests, you will be able to change incorrect information by submitting it to us – right within the app.

It also keeps track of your requests. 😊

What You Cannot Do

There are only two actions you cannot do with the app – You will not be able to schedule an appointment within the app – but you can always call us!. Also, you will not be able to order new prescriptions within the app, though you can click to shop at the Pharmacy once you have a doctors prescription.


We hope you will find this a useful information tracker for your pets! We look forward to your feedback.
Questions? Call us at 970-587-5140