Does Your Cat Get the Care It Needs?

What happens when people do not bring their cat to the veterinarian’s office on a regular basis? 

When caregivers bring their cats into the veterinarian, they may be suffering from dental pain, obesity, kidney disease, and more. All of these may be treatable and often preventable.  However, when left un-diagnosed, these diseases can be silent killers.

Here are the statistics:

  • 28.5 to 67 percent of cats will get one or more painful tooth lesions, usually starting between 5 and 7 years
  • 59 percent of all cats are obese
  • 90 percent of cats will develop osteoarthritis by 10 years of age

A yearly physical examination at a veterinary clinic (or a house call) is the key to early detection and treatment.  Please give us a call to schedule your pet’s physical exam at 970-587-5140.