Full Circle Veterinary Care Offers Convenient Monthly Payment Plans

care credit for your petsWe offer a program called “CareCredit” to our clients. CareCredit is similar to other major credit cards but with two unique features: every CareCredit transaction is eligible for a No Interest or Low Interest Payment Plan. You might be eligible for a No Interest Plan if paid in full within the promotional period. Minimum monthly payments are required and subject to credit approval. In addition to using your CareCredit credit card at your veterinarian, you can use it at other health care practices, like your dentist, that offer CareCredit. CareCredit has made it easy for millions of people nationwide to accept the best treatment recommendations for their pets.

With CareCredit, you can:

    • provide your pet immediate care for any treatment amount
    • use it for future exams, medications, or even food 
    • keep for unplanned or emergency veterinary services 
    • choose between several convenient payment options
    • apply quickly and easily


With Care Credit, your pet receives the needed treatment – right away. Applying for CareCredit is quick and easy. Simply choose the option you prefer.

In Person:

    • Ask us for an applications
    • Complete and sign the application
    • Return to the office staff for processing


    • Go to www.carecredit.com
    • Fill out the client application
    • Receive a decision immediately
    • Contact the office to schedule an appointment

By Phone:

    • Call (800) 365-8295
    • Receive a decision almost instantly
    • Contact the office to schedule an appointment

By Smartphone:

    • Go to www.carecredit.com and select apply
    • Receive decision almost instantly
    • If approved, provide us with your account number displayed on your phone screen
      (Applicants must be 21 years of age to apply via phone)


Contact 1-800-365-8295 for more information. You can also go online at www.carecredit.com for an online application form. Or drop by Full Circle Veterinary Care office at 7 Rutherford Av to pick up a brochure with details about CareCredit.