Cure Pet Cancer - Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Cure Pet Cancer – Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Searching to Cure Pet Cancer

At FCVC,  sometimes we just stumble across really cool things that can make a difference in the lives of our pet friends and their pet parents. The search to cure pet cancer has been going on for a while, but this nugget lets YOU make a direct financial impact with a simple action.

In our research for National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, we bumped into this event on the American Cancer Foundation (ACF) blog. We encourage you to read, create your own post and share it with all your social friends.

#CurePetCancer Awareness Campaign

Nationwide Pet Insurance, our generous benefactors for more than a decade, launch #CurePetCancer 2018 – you post, they give, up to $50,000 in support of our research!
All you have to do beginning November 1, 2018 for Nationwide Pet Insurance Pet Cancer Awareness month is post a photo of your pet on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter (post must be public) with the hashtag – #CurePetCancer and Nationwide donates $5 for each one. You can post as much as you like during the month of November 2018. Please help us get to the goal. Share this campaign with your friends beginning Nov. 1, 2018. Together we can #CurePetCancer!
Cure Pet Cancer -Post for Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Cure Pet Cancer -Post for Pet Cancer Awareness Month

You Can Make A Difference – You’ve Got This!

It’s easy. Post a photo of your pet (like the one shown) and put the hashtag #CurePetCancer in the text. You can do it! Again! And Again! They need 10,000 posts to hit $50K.

Make sure if you have locked down the privacy settings on your Facebook account that your posts is “Public” – otherwise they cannot see it. (Shown in the second photo in the post – But you do not have to to include the second photo in your post).

You do NOT have to add the Donate Button – but Facebook makes it easy and they do not take any fees for donations to non-profits. This makes it a win-win for the Animal Cancer Foundation.

FCVC hopes that you will share this information on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (or all three!). Create your own post to help raise money and awareness during National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

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Attribution – from our friends at the Animal Cancer Foundation and Nationwide Pet Insurance
Photos – RDCA