celebrating pet appreciation weekGiving Lots of Love for Dogs & Cats During Pet Appreciation Week June 5-11

How to Show Appreciation to Your Pets

Showing your appreciation towards your pets means that you are showing them love and displaying appreciation to your pet or pets means that you appreciate them and the role that they play in your life and those closest to you.

By showing your appreciation for your pets, it means that you are paying attention to them. They are richly deserving of this for everything they do for us on a daily basis.

Ways in which you can show appreciation for your pet is by buying and giving them treats, investing in some supplements to better their health, making them a home-cooked meal, getting them a new toy, taking them for a walk, or just a long belly rub and a cuddle afterward.

Invest in your pet’s health during Pet Appreciation Week by ensuring that they have all their vaccinations up to date and any other vet appointments that you might have neglected a bit 🙂

Conduct a safety check around your home to ensure that their environment is enriched and safe for them to thrive in.
Volunteer at an animal shelter this week. If you don’t have time, you can always donate much-needed supplies like food, blankets, kitty litter, and toys.

Spoil your pet with a grooming session at the local groomer. (Some animals love this. Some not so much!).

Assist a family member, friend, neighbor, or elderly person by spoiling their animals, too.

The Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Your Pet

Having a pet means that there is a being whose only purpose is to serve you and love you unconditionally.
Pets are the cutest and they can do so many cool things.
Having a pet around means that you are relaxed. Did you know they can lower your blood pressure?
Pets rock our world! (Not just during Pet Appreciation Week!)
Animals are super smart and we can learn a lot from them. If we just spend some time watching them.

Have a lovely week with your pets!

Cool Facts about Dogs & Cats

Your cat has 32 muscles in every ear.
Your dog’s sense of smell is 1000 times better than yours.
Every cat has four rows of whiskers.
Every dog’s nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint and no two dog noses are the same.

We see how much you love your pets whenever you bring them to us for their care! Thank you for the opportunity to love on your pets, too! Not just during Pet Appreciation Week. 🙂

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Article attribution – ILoveVeterinary