Adopt A

We were thinking  – How can we highlight what Pet Appreciation Week and Adopt a (Shelter) Cat Month are all about?

And then, of course, it came to us – there are lots of pets out there just waiting for homes.

North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website

The need is real. Many pets are up for adoption in the 17,000 shelters and it is pretty easy to connect with them. Purina, Petco and Bayer have combined resources to put together Adopt A

In going to the Adopt A website you are met with a easy form for choices – Pick the tab for Dogs, Cats, Other Pets, or Shelters and Rescues. If the only other choice you make is to put in is your zip code, you will get a lengthy list. For example we chose Cats and put in 80534 for Johnstown and left the distance as 50 miles or less.

We were greeted with a list of 520 pets available for adoption! That is going to be a serious brain drain in making a choice. Really, one person cannot adopt them all! (Much as we would love to!).

3 of 520 cats for adoption

3 of 520 cats for adoption











So we started over.

You can obviously pick more choices to narrow down the field to a list that is more manageable. Like by breed, gender, age, color and hair. These are the results when I made my choice for American domestic, male, adult, black, longhair (I love black cats!) –

lack cats to adopt




A much shorter list by far. I think I could really like MacCavity or Paw Dameron.







And because you might not be magnetically drawn to love those results, they offer you some alternatives

(just scroll down on the search page)

alternate choices 1
















And if those are not enough choices… here’s a few more…

alternates for adoption 2













So as you can see, there are plenty of cats out there for adoption. My heart goes out to all of them. You can help give a kitty love and a new home. You can start by looking here ADOPT A

We would love to hear how your pet search (for cats or dogs) works out. Contact us on Facebook or Instagram .
It would be great to feature your newly adopted family member, too! Let us know.

attribution: research by carolyn breninger
photos: screenshots from