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To all our four-footed friends! And their pet parents!

At Full Circle Veterinary Care we are interested in giving the best to your pets that we possibly can. We want to work with you towards that end. We hope you will come in and talk to us about your pets needs. Need an appointment? Call us at 970-587-5140

Proudly Serving our Colorado neighbors – Johnstown, Milliken, Loveland, Greeley, Evans, Windsor, Berthoud, Platteville & Surrounding Areas.

FCVC Quick TidBits

Global Cat Day – An Adopt a Pet Video Perspective

Can you Adopt a Pet from a local shelter or rescue?

Vet Tech Week 2018 – A Labor of Love

FCVC is celebrating Vet Tech Week 2018 and we hope you enjoy the glimpses into the life of a veterinary technician. This video features a vet techs at work and talks about some of the challenges: Love animals? Thinking of becoming a Vet Tech? The veterinary technician...

National Feral Cat Day 2018

FCVC knows there are many, many feral cats in the world. They do not have forever homes and they generally would not be comfortable there, having been raised in the wild. But each of us can help to reduce the problem. Foremost, by having our own pets spayed and...

Vet Tech Week 2018 – We Appreciate You

FCVC is celebrating National Vet Tech Week 2018 showing the life of veterinary technicians working side by side with veterinarians - as in this video: Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week by helping us recognize our team members providing veterinary care to...

Here’s to Celebrating National Vet Tech Week 2018

Full Circle Veterinary Care is happy to acknowledge National Vet Tech Week in honor of all the veterinary technicians we have had the pleasure of working with. Vet techs have an amazing skill set and they do a wonderful job helping vet doctors give your pets the best...

Kennel Stress In Shelter Dogs Takes a Toll

When you go to adopt a pet, some animals may seem aggressive or timid. It can take a lot of understanding and patience to coax a dog out their shell or get past a in-your-face persona. Sometimes the reticent pet you see is from kennel stress in shelter dogs taking its...

3D Printed Skull Cap Gives Dog New Future

Friday seems a great day for optimism, when a 3D printed skull cap saves a dog's life. How a 3D printer and some titanium gave Patches the dachsund a longer life span after cancer surgery. Here is a wonderful video and story reported by that combines the...

29 Fruits and Vegetables For Dogs They Can (And Can’t) Eat

FCVC knows that watching what your pets eat and controlling what you feed them is serious business. For the most part people food is not good for your pets. However, certain fruits and vegetables for dogs can be good for them. But you have to know what you can and...

5 Questions To Ask the Vet To Deter Pet Obesity

Pet obesity, as in human obesity, is tough to get a handle on when it has become a full-blown, undeniable case of obesity. As a responsible pet owner, you are the one who controls what your pet eats on a regular basis. We urge you to get answers to the "5 Questions...

During Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – Get a Free Pet Physical Exam

October is exciting for kids in anticipation of Halloween and adults thinking about the perfect party costumes. However, you could make a world of difference in a shelter dog or cat's life by adopting one during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. The ASPCA started this event...

Family and Pets versus Rodents and Rodenticide Use

In our local area, we are still surrounded by vacant lots and open farm land, while it is beautiful, it is home for rodents. Cooling temps drive rodents, like mice and rats, in to structures where they can keep warm, find food and survive the winter. The battle to...

Pet Dogs Die After Eating Toxic Mushrooms in Own Yard

FCVC is aware that this tragic event could happen anywhere. In a previous article we noted that toxic mushrooms are a fall danger that pet owners should take care to avoid. We then came across this excellent article about mushroom toxicity - what poisonous mushrooms...

Fall Toxic Pet Dangers to Watch Out For

FCVC vets know that danger can pop up at any time for our pets and not just from an injury. Each season brings its own kind of dangers. From holiday candy and foods that can be lethal, to flu, allergies, pesticide use, school project glues and more! As part of this...

Walking the Dog Fights Canine Obesity

FCVC cares about you and your pets. There are multiple reasons for walking the dog, but the two most important are - its good for them and its good for you. Your next question might be - "Why do we need a whole week to talk about walking the dog?". Unfortunately, many...

Can You Change The World of One Animal?

FCVC supports World Animal Day, as the primary goal of this ongoing mission is to raise the status of animals in order to improve standards for their welfare around the globe. This is a lofty goal when it competes with sub-standard human conditions in many parts of...

Animal Safety and Protection Tips For Your Pets

Protecting the safety of your dog or cat is a pet owner's primary responsibility. FCVC knows this isn't easy in the world we live in. Unlike the dog in our picture, you can't just wrap them up in a protective bag to keep them safe. Things just happen. However, you can...

Ready To Adopt-A-Dog This Month?

Focusing on Adopt-A-Dog month Full Circle Veterinary Care is offering a FREE physical exam for any  dog or cat adopted from The Humane Society or any animal rescue organization.  (A $55 value) Your new pet must be examined by one of our veterinarians within two weeks...

21st Anniversary Drawing Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS! To Jennifer Adkisson, winning Full Circle's $100 gift certificate. Jennifer's name was drawn from the September entries in celebration of our 21st Anniversary in business. Jennifer's dog is "George," a very cute dachshund. Thanks to all who came to...

Is Black Dog Syndrome A Real Thing?

Yes, it is a real thing, unfortunately. FCVC hopes you are NOT afraid of black dogs (or black cats!). As you read this article and watch the video below, you will find that there is a real bias against black coated pets, known as Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). However, we...

Oct 1 National FirePup Day

National FirePup Day could also be called Fire Protection Learning and Awareness Day, but FirePup Day is much catchier. October 1st is the birthday for FirePup, the NFSC dalmation cartoon character. In 1986, National Fire Safety Council, Inc. (NFSC, Inc.) developed...

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We would love to hear about how our care helped you and your pet. Please consider leaving a review on our facebook or google+ pages. We love helping your best pet friends. Thank you!
First visit, the staff are truly wonderful. Dr. Tribbey took good care of Mags. – Been back three times since our first visit. Still a fan of the staff and how well they take care of Mags!
First visit for my newly adopted pup and I. Treated with respect and with knowledgeable care.
Everybody that works here, is the best!!!! They treat you like family and you know they care about your fur babies! I have 5 (cats) and I know when I take my kids here. They get the best care!! Love everyone there!! Best vets, ever!!!!!!
Every single staff member I have met is wonderful. Their love of animals is evident and I love the overall atmosphere of the clinic. Compassionate care for pets, and also their parents when things must come “Full Circle”.
First vet visit for Scooby today! The staff is very friendly and took good care of my pup.
I was so blessed to be able to work with Dr. Mahoney, Dr. Tribbey and the Full Circle Veterinary staff. Their knowledge and compassion never ceases to amaze me. As a past client and employee I will miss being able to bring my animals to someone that I trust and know that they truly care about my furry friends. I just might have to make the 2 hour drive to get my animals the best care they’ve ever had. I especially appreciate the holistic approach that they take with animals.
I feel very fortunate to have my beloved pets taken care of by Dr Mahoney, Dr Tribbey and the rest of the staff at Full Circle. They have such great compassion and are so dedicated to providing the best care. Both doctors are more than just our “vet” they are truly respected professionals and people I consider as friends. From the bottom of my heart – thank you for all the love and care given to Bentley in his final days. And thank you for the ongoing care of Mercedes and her new companion Lincoln.

FCVC Affiliations

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
Johnstown-Milliken Chamber of Commerce
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) & Weld County Veterinary Medical Association (WCVMA)
Member Better Business Bureau

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Special Clients deserve a Special Day for all of us to say “Thank You” for your business! Save on these services every Wednesday:

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Special Clients deserve a Special Day for all of us to say “Thank You” for your business! Save on these services every Friday:

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FCVC Partners with Black Dog Traders Coffee to Donate 5%

Not a pet treat, but a human treat!  We are carrying an exciting new product – Black Dog Coffee Traders coffee. The one pictured is our signature Full Circle Veterinary Blend. Other blends have pictures of various dog breeds. Black Dog Coffee Traders donates 5% of all profits to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation for Cancer Research. Help support that great cause and treat yourself to some great coffee. $10 per bag right here at Full Circle.

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