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To all our four-footed friends! And their pet parents!

At Full Circle Veterinary Care we are interested in giving the best to your pets that we possibly can. We want to work with you towards that end. We hope you will come in and talk to us about your pets needs. Need an appointment? Call us at 970-587-5140

Proudly Serving our Colorado neighbors – Johnstown, Milliken, Loveland, Greeley, Evans, Windsor, Berthoud, Platteville & Surrounding Areas.

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We would love to hear about how our care helped you and your pet. Please consider leaving a review on our facebook or google+ pages. We love helping your best pet friends. Thank you!
First visit, the staff are truly wonderful. Dr. Tribbey took good care of Mags. – Been back three times since our first visit. Still a fan of the staff and how well they take care of Mags!
First visit for my newly adopted pup and I. Treated with respect and with knowledgeable care.
Everybody that works here, is the best!!!! They treat you like family and you know they care about your fur babies! I have 5 (cats) and I know when I take my kids here. They get the best care!! Love everyone there!! Best vets, ever!!!!!!
Every single staff member I have met is wonderful. Their love of animals is evident and I love the overall atmosphere of the clinic. Compassionate care for pets, and also their parents when things must come “Full Circle”.
First vet visit for Scooby today! The staff is very friendly and took good care of my pup.
I was so blessed to be able to work with Dr. Mahoney, Dr. Tribbey and the Full Circle Veterinary staff. Their knowledge and compassion never ceases to amaze me. As a past client and employee I will miss being able to bring my animals to someone that I trust and know that they truly care about my furry friends. I just might have to make the 2 hour drive to get my animals the best care they’ve ever had. I especially appreciate the holistic approach that they take with animals.
I feel very fortunate to have my beloved pets taken care of by Dr Mahoney, Dr Tribbey and the rest of the staff at Full Circle. They have such great compassion and are so dedicated to providing the best care. Both doctors are more than just our “vet” they are truly respected professionals and people I consider as friends. From the bottom of my heart – thank you for all the love and care given to Bentley in his final days. And thank you for the ongoing care of Mercedes and her new companion Lincoln.

FCVC Quick TidBits

What to Do When Your Dog Hates the Rain

We’ve all been there—shivering in the relative shelter of the porch as we attempt to convince our dogs to get out there and do their business in the pouring rain. There is no more worthy adversary than a dog who hates to get wet. “Dogs probably don’t like going out in...

Pets Need Dental Care, Too!

Close your eyes and run your tongue against your teeth. Now imagine never brushing your teeth and having that same experience. It’s no wonder so many of our dogs have “Dog Breath”. Regular dental care is an important part of preventative health care for your pet. When...

Sunburn is a Risk For Our Pets

The temps are roasting hot! Let's make sure it isn't us and our pets that are roasting! Humans are not the only ones who need to monitor their exposure to UV rays: animals are at risk too. Human or animal skin with little or no pigmentation is very sensitive to the...

V.E.T. News July 2018

What you need to know about your pet. What you need to know about your pet  July 2018 Vol. 8, Issue 7         Small Town Feel; State of the Art Care Full Circle V.E.T.    "Very Exciting Tidbits" a newsletter with information important for pet owners Dear Carolyn,  ...

Longhopes Donkey Adoptions

In our previous blog post we told you a little about how the Longhopes Donkey Shelter came to be. In this post you can find out ways to be a part of the rescue shelter efforts. There are many easy ways you can help Longhopes donkeys! What can you do for a donkey?...

Donkeys Rescued

FCVC does not provide animal services for donkeys or horses. However, as a veterinarian we can recommend the Longhopes Donkey Shelter as a wonderful rescue facility that takes care of their animals and as a place to adopt, sponsor, donate or volunteer. Recently Dr....

Adopt A Pet Search

  Introducing the ADOPT A PET Search widget on the FCVC website At FCVC we know that you can get pets from many places. We have added the Adopt-A-Pet Search widget right on our site! While we are talking mostly about cats this month, Adopt A is for dogs, cats,...

Off to College?

Tis the season for graduations at all levels. High school graduates may be going off to future studies at college. For those interested in pursuing veterinary degrees, we have compiled some scholarship resources that may help you on your way. You may be surprised that...

Adopting – How it Works

This morning we guided you through the process of using the Adopt A search feature to find a pet you will want to take home. If you missed it, here is a reprise to start off this article... 1. Use our website’s search to find pets for adoption!...

Adopt A Cat (or Dog)

We were thinking  - How can we highlight what Pet Appreciation Week and Adopt a (Shelter) Cat Month are all about? And then, of course, it came to us - there are lots of pets out there just waiting for homes. North America's Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption...

Dogs and Cats Are Amazing

8 Scientific Studies That Show Dogs and Cats Are Amazing We already know dogs and cats are incredible. But recently, scientific studies have provided evidence to back our beliefs. Almost all pet parents will tell you they feel their furry friends are...

How Cats Heal Us

People have long believed in the healing power of cats. Whether it’s lowering stress or powering the purr, we think there’s some truth to it. Jason was an imposing 18-pound tuxedo cat with a tail like one of those ostrich plumes that fashionable Victorian ladies...

Pet Pickup and Delivery

Dog owners – If you have cats, we can help them, too.  Is transporting your cat to the veterinarian a real chore?  Many cat owners think so.  It can be especially difficult if you have multiple cats for their appointments.  We can help!  We can always help get your...

Battling Pet Anxiety with All-Natural ProQuiet

Sleep Trigger Makes for Calmer Pets We all know what happens when we eat a big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. The post dinner sleep kicks in, not entirely because of a massive food coma, but because of a lovely little amino acid called tryptophan....

Beat Summer Pet Anxiety – Meet ThunderShirt!

Calm Your Pets Biggest Fears (and save some cash!) ON SALE at FCVC Spring and summertime can bring a lot of fun in the sun for us as well as our pets! Unfortunately for our pets, it also brings loud thunder storms, fireworks and lots of travel; which isn’t...

Dog Training

We refer dog and puppy training to Amy Creaven, KPA-CTP. Check Amy's website at or email her at...

Share – Google Review Us!

Tell everyone how much you love us! Write a Google Review - Click this link to go to the Google Business Review page. Thanks! For your kind words on our...

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FCVC Partners with Black Dog Traders Coffee to Donate 5%

Not a pet treat, but a human treat!  We are carrying an exciting new product – Black Dog Coffee Traders coffee. The one pictured is our signature Full Circle Veterinary Blend. Other blends have pictures of various dog breeds. Black Dog Coffee Traders donates 5% of all profits to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation for Cancer Research. Help support that great cause and treat yourself to some great coffee. $10 per bag right here at Full Circle.


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