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At Full Circle Veterinary Care we are interested in giving the best to your pets that we possibly can. We want to work with you towards that end. We hope you will come in and talk to us about your pets needs. Looking for a ‘veterinary near me‘? For an appointment – Call us at 970-587-5140

Proudly Serving our Colorado neighbors – Johnstown, Milliken, Loveland, Greeley, Evans, Windsor, Berthoud, Platteville & Surrounding Areas.

Full Circle Vet Care Quick TidBits

National Feral Cat Day aka Global Cat Day

FCVC knows there are many, many feral cats in the world. They do not have forever homes and they generally would not be comfortable there, having been raised in the wild. But each of us can help to reduce the problem. Foremost, by having our own pets spayed and...

5 Questions To Ask the Vet To Deter Pet Obesity

Avoiding Pet Obesity It is tough to get a handle on it for your pet when it has become a full-blown, undeniable case of obesity. As a responsible pet owner, you are the one who controls what your pet eats on a regular basis. Dogs and cats are both at risk for obesity....

Pitbull Awareness Month 2021 – Myths vs Facts

October is Pitbull Awareness Month and... Pitbull Awareness Day is on Oct. 26th. We are bringing awareness to the myths vs. the facts about these canines. We hope you will spend 3 minutes to view this video created by the Salt Lake County Animal Services: This picture...

We Love The Black Cat in October and Every Day!

We love the black cat for Black Cat Awareness Month in October, (really every day of the year!) and we just wanted to share this fun article we found at All cat lovers know that their pets are special, but people lucky enough to share their home with these...

Learning Is Fun Oct 1 on National Fire Pup Day

National Fire Pup Day could also be called Fire Protection Learning and Awareness Day, but FirePup Day is much catchier. October 1st is the birthday for FirePup, the NFSC dalmation cartoon character. In 1986, National Fire Safety Council, Inc. (NFSC, Inc.) developed...

Is Black Dog Syndrome A Real Thing?

Yes, it is a real thing, unfortunately. FCVC hopes you are NOT afraid of black dogs (or black cats!). As you read this article and watch the video below, you will find that there is a real bias against black coated pets, known as Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). However, we...

Rabies: Facts, Not Fear – World Rabies Day 2021

FCVC knows that in the United States, rabies is not the threat that it is in the rest of the world. However, rabies remains a major concern worldwide, killing more than 59,000 people every year. In the United States, one to two people die annually, and there are...

Awareness: Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week Sept 20-27

FCVC loves all animals and especially the ones we hold dear - like our rescue donkeys Delilah and Ernesto. There are so many "less adoptable" pets that are not perfect, but love their pet owners every bit as much - given the chance. You can help us raise awareness by...

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog During National Dog Week

FCVC brings 7 ways to celebrate your dog during National Dog Week 2021, as a way to celebrate every canine, not just those with a pedigree. This article from our friends at TheDogDaily and EntirelyPets shows you how and gives a little history: Held the last week of...

Puppy Mill Awareness Day – Can You Help?

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is Sept 19th FCVC supports those who advocate not purchasing pets from the puppy mill industry. Sadly, puppy mills do still exist. Very often the living conditions in puppy mills are deplorable. Can you help? A much better option is to buy...

PSA: Deaf Dog Awareness Week Sept 19-25

Talking About Deaf Dog Awareness Week Today is National Deaf Dogs Rock Day! We bring you a fun story and video pinpointing why deaf dogs "rock" from our friends at BravoTV and Deaf Dogs Rock: September 19th starts awareness week for deaf dogs and we reached out to...

Is Pet Insurance Worth It ? Part 3

Continuing our series from Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Part 2 In this post we want to look at three more Pet Insurers - Healthy Paws, Figo and Pets Best. Along with Trupanion (in our previous post), these insurers get high marks in their industry. We wanted to know if...

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? – Part 1

Do You Need Pet Insurance? This is a subject that can rile up passions on both sides - for or against. There are people who say that it is the best way to provide the best possible care for your pet - without going into major debt. Like a life vest, you can consider...

Full Circle Vet Care Celebrates Labor Day! (We Are Closed Today)

Full Circle Vet Care Celebrates Labor Day As FCVC celebrates this Labor Day with you - we wish you safety - whether traveling or having a local staycay! The holiday is a fun time to be with family and friends. We know that 2020-2021 has proven to be a remarkably...

4 Steps To Protect Your Family During National Preparedness Month

It seems every year is a poster child for disaster preparation. We have been hearing of record  hurricanes as Hurricane Ida just dumped record rainfall on New York causing major flooding and more hurricanes in the pattern, and record drought causing fires all over the...

PSA – National Guide/Service Dog Month

Bringing you awareness of National Guide/Service Dog Month. September is National Guide Dog Month + National Service Dog Month. FCVC recognizes the hardworking service animals that have many roles in helping humans cope with situations that are not what we would...

5 Tips For A Happy Cat – Celebrating Happy Cat Month

The vets at FCVC know that keeping your cat happy is tied to your cat being healthy. Healthy cats are happy cats. One of the problems is that cats do not express when they are unhappy very well. Bored cats are not happy. Cats need stimulation and activity. This...

Full Circle Vet Care Anniversary – Our 24th!

Come Celebrate With Us! FULL CIRCLE VET CARE ANNIVERSARY Full Circle Veterinary Care is celebrating its 24th Anniversary of being in business on September 17, 2021. We are very grateful to all our many pet friends and their pawrents that have made our business...

Tabby Cats – Orange, Marmalade or Ginger Cats…They’re Lovable

In Love with Tabby Cats - Orange, Ginger or Marmalade In celebration of Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, we bring you some facts and fun about the domestic cats that some people call "tabby" and are orange, ginger or marmalade. From our friends at KittenToob. One famous...

Clear the Shelters 2021 Aug 23rd – Sep 19th

It starts Today! FCVC loves supporting those opportunities to bring animals out of shelters into loving homes. In advance of this months nationwide event, we wanted to tell you who is doing what to Clear the Shelters: From the Clear The Shelters 2021 page,...

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Full Circle Vet Care Testimonials for Your Hometown ‘Veterinary Near Me’


We would love to hear about how our care helped you and your pet. Please consider leaving a review on our facebook or hibu pages. We love helping your furrever pet family.

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First visit, the staff are truly wonderful. Dr. Tribbey took good care of Mags. – Been back three times since our first visit. Still a fan of the staff and how well they take care of Mags!
First visit for my newly adopted pup and I. Treated with respect and with knowledgeable care.
Everybody that works here, is the best!!!! They treat you like family and you know they care about your fur babies! I have 5 (cats) and I know when I take my kids here. They get the best care!! Love everyone there!! Best vets, ever!!!!!!
Every single staff member I have met is wonderful. Their love of animals is evident and I love the overall atmosphere of the clinic. Compassionate care for pets, and also their parents when things must come “Full Circle”.
First vet visit for Scooby today! The staff is very friendly and took good care of my pup.
I was so blessed to be able to work with Dr. Mahoney, Dr. Tribbey and the Full Circle Veterinary staff. Their knowledge and compassion never ceases to amaze me. As a past client and employee I will miss being able to bring my animals to someone that I trust and know that they truly care about my furry friends. I just might have to make the 2 hour drive to get my animals the best care they’ve ever had. I especially appreciate the holistic approach that they take with animals.
I feel very fortunate to have my beloved pets taken care of by Dr Mahoney, Dr Tribbey and the rest of the staff at Full Circle. They have such great compassion and are so dedicated to providing the best care. Both doctors are more than just our “vet” they are truly respected professionals and people I consider as friends. From the bottom of my heart – thank you for all the love and care given to Bentley in his final days. And thank you for the ongoing care of Mercedes and her new companion Lincoln.

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